Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Emergency in Malawi, Africa

I just had a very serious conversation with the manager of our orphanage in Malawi, Africa. Due to the drought in Malawi, the children and adults are starving and the number of children coming to the feeding center is overwhelming. We only have enough money to feed 110 kids a day. He has had to turn people away. The kids that we are able to feed are saving part of their meals to take home to loved ones (siblings, grandparents, etc). I told him to immediately go to 2 feedings a day and turn no one away. I don't know what this is going to do to our budget. It is currently at $1000 a month for the 110 kids. Steffani and I just added another $1000 to help accommodate the numbers that we will start having. This is not to boast, but to show you how serious this is. If you have even $5 to spare, please consider donating to Imagine Africa. We have cut our cost down to 25 cents a meal, so $5 pays for 20 meals! 100% of the funds go to the orphanage. Donate buttons are at the top right of this page...


  1. I saw the work Shane was doing around Monkey Bay in 2009 when I stayed for several weeks. It needs to continue. This is a well run small charity. I've set up a modest regular donation.

  2. I live here in Malawi (I am from Australia) and I have seen first hand the work Shane is doing here with the community. Hunger is escalating at the moment and the children are already malnourished. Please consider this charity.

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