Friday, December 21, 2012

Bread and Fanta for Christmas??

This year, we sent some extra money ($3 per kid) for Christmas gifts for the kids. I asked Geofrey to send me pictures of the kids with their gifts and this is one that he sent me. I had in mind pics of kids playing with their new shiny toys... When I received the pictures, I thought, "That's not what I had in mind. Where are the toys???"

I immediately called Geofrey (Mercy League Malawi program manager) to see why he didn't buy them toys.

He said that the kids refused to receive a toy and instead wanted to use the money for a loaf of bread to take home and share with their families. A loaf of bread in Malawi is 300 kwacha (about 2 days wages), and a delicacy . These kids have never been able to buy a Christmas gift before and were so happy to be able to do so. They get food every day, but at home food is still scarce. What great kids you are all helping!!

Geofrey did buy them each a soda to enjoy. He said the kids were so happy they were dancing and singing!

So thank you for your donations. We were able to not only give these kids the joy of fanta and coke :), but also the satisfaction of providing something special for their families.

Merry Christmas!!!

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